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Color analysis, Body analysis, Wardrobe management


Etiquette, Posture, Poise & Charm, Body language


Public Speaking, Reading, Grammar, Voice, Pronunciation

Social Graces & Etiquette

Social graces and Etiquette for TEENAGERS 13-17 years

We aim at promoting a customized plan for adolescents and teenagers as our budding youth for the country . Social graces and Etiquette is particularly for young girl and boys .

It is tough being a teenager and equally challenging being a parent of one. As a parent , we are indundated with demands of a highly enegertic teenager daily who not only faces peer pressure but has to keep up with joneses. We want our teenagers not only to form their own identity but veer towards high self esteem and build their confidence through their thinking skills.

The social graces and Etiquette programme is particularly suited for this age group to help them mature into self assured confident young adults.

We support your growing teenager to help them in handling a variety of situations in a cool composed manner and be prepared for the adult world.

A sample of our programme is:

  • Social, Communication & Leadership Skills
  • Values and traditions of Indian families
  • International Dining Skills
  • Handshaking and Social Greetings
  • Introductions Formal & Informal
  • Self-respect & Respect for Others
  • Conversation & Listening Skills
  • Social Media Etiquette
  • The Etiquette of Public Places
  • University Interview Preparation
  • Host & Guest Duties
  • Being a Gracious Guest

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