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Personal Consultancy

Your Image is You. A well turned out personal Image is one of the most effective ways to succeed in life. Your first impression is your lasting impression. Image affects how people perceive you either upping your confidence or lowering it. Having a good image does not automatically happen. It needs to be polished and refined.

Impact Image Consultants offers a variety of services for professionals who want to make an investment in themselves. Kindly go through more information help you succeed.

We can Help you:
  • Project confidence through your first Impressions
  • Gain a personal advantage for your branding
  • Wear Clothes that suit your personality
  • Discover your strengths and capitalize them
  • Build self esteem by creating an Aura
  • Drive excellence through your words , speech and art of conversation
  • Polish your presence through Etiquette

  • Your Image -In Body and style
  • Hair and personal Grooming for your look
  • Color Analysis and personal/ professional style
  • Wardrobe and Accessories inventory
  • Hair styles for your face
  • Fabric, fit and Frame for your body
  • Personal shopping day
  • Wedding Packages for you and your groom

Behaviour- Etiquette, Protocol and Social Graces
  • Art of networking and Converstaion
  • Posture, poise and Presentation on Stage
  • Essential Body Language for Success
  • Professional etiquette in Business
  • Learn how to use visual aids to present
  • Art of Introductions and their Importance
  • Dine to shine at Business
  • Brand yourself in totality-Social Media Strategies
  • Negotiate effectively to clinch the Deal
  • Assertiveness skills –a dire Necessity in Workplace
  • Promote your energy and escalate in your life
  • Make mind your friend to scale your peak
  • Non verbal Body language

Communication- Strategies to Power
  • Develop engaging presentation skills
  • Power of pronunciation, enunciation and grammar
  • Create your Elevator Statement
  • Words, Phrases and metaphors to add skill to your presentation
  • Speech, tone and voice- your gateway to success

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