Sangeeta S Bahl

( Pioneer Image Guru in India )

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Who are Impact Image Consultants ?

As the word sounds, the minute you step in the Impact Image Consultants’ Space, your life begins to change. You dream it and we fulfill it. Our company is 10 years old, A pioneer in India when Image consultancy was unheard of. This was formulated by The brain child of the owner, Sangeets S bahl who conceptualized the framework of what was really needed in India for people to brand themselves and package their talents for enhancement. Backed up by International experience of 25 years and multi cultural nationalities, Sangeeta set out to open shop with advising people on varius aspects of Apearance, Behaviour and Communication. Now we train, mentor and coach hundreds of corporates, mncs, Personal clients and beauty paegents worldwide.

What is Image Consultancy ?

Image is the depiction of your persona , aura and behavior via your language and gestures. Image consultancy is the art of advising and coaching individuals and groups to highlight your strengths and camafoulage the not so attractive attributes. Overall our focus remains to let you shine through. Image Consultancy comprises of the 3 important attributes of Appearance, Behaviour and Communication. We at Impact have added another crucial element in confidence called Self Esteem. We work on your Personal Image through Consultancy to get you to the next level.

Why should I hire Impact Image Consultants

Being the pioneer in India, No one knows it better than us. Besides the experience from our Director and Owner Sangeeta S Bahl can exceed any expections. We give you not only the best but change your thoughts to a new beginning.

Who is the Management at Impact Image Consultants

Impact Team consists of Trainers from the field of Airlines, Hotels AND Service Industry. We have skin care, make up artists, stylists, etiquette trainers and psychologists on board to back up the consultancy endeavours.

Where are the service centres of Impact Image Consultants

Our head office operates from Gurgaon Haryana India and we work across PAN India and the world. Our presence is also in Uk and UAE.

What services Does Impact Image Consultantsoffer?

We offer everything from Personal consultancy to corporate workshops to paegent coaching. Our client list includes the top MNCs, Airlines and HNI individuals honing in to enhance their image. We work on appearance, Behaviour and Communication in all aspects of Image.

Which program would be right for me?

When you book for an initial individual consultation, we work out on all your areas of your personality and give you feedback on what needs to be uplifted.

Who is your clientele?

We work with all ages including teenagers, middle aged and the youth.

Can we take the services first, pay later?

We charge a consultancy fee as with the client sessions before hand to deliver what we are best known in the industry to do.

What is the mode of payment ?

We accept cash/ cheque / Bank Transferas mode of payment.

Are they any hidden fees also to join this course ? . What is the mode of payment?

All fees are to be paid in full before the start of the course and when the payments are done through cheque and bank transfer, the ST14% would be applicable. There are no hidden costs.

How long are the sessions and what is the longest you have worked with someone ?

Our initial consultation is 30 mins and our sessions for Image enhancement are one hour duration. The courses are all above 40 hours.

Can I pay online?


How long will it take before my image starts to improve?

It all depends on you. We can transform your outer image within a week via color, hair, make up, styling, and dressing. The inner work of body language, gestures, confidence nd self esteem comes with a period of time. Speaking itself will take minimum 3 months for fluency, grammar and presentation.

Will I get a job after taking image makeovers sessions?

First impressions always count and it will definitely help you to go and face an interview. Getting a job will depend on your qualifications and self confidence.

I am not comfortable to join public meeting, do you offer one to one consultancy?

We are pioneers in personal consultancy and offer one to one with Sangeeta S bahl.

I have ordered the book, paid the payment, haven’t received the book yet?

If you do not receive the book within a stipulated time as promised, we will track it or send you another one.

Can we order the book on COD ( cash on delivery)


How will your company help my company to grow? Are you certified image consultants?

We are Brand strategists helping other companies progress through their employees in Dress, Appearance and communication. We help brand your company via the uniform, manuals, mentoring and refresher training for the employees.

I am having issues in my personal life, being shattered, can Impact Image Consultants Help?

We work with in house psychologists for counseling and self esteem. There is always a ear to listen to here.