Sangeeta S Bahl

( Pioneer Image Guru in India )

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Color analysis, Body analysis, Wardrobe management


Etiquette, Posture, Poise & Charm, Body language


Speaking, Reading, Grammar, Voice, Pronunciation

Corporate Consultancy

Today large businesses are co-dependent on the employees first Impression. It can be the way you answer the phone and how your voice embodies the company's Image, or the way you dress wearing the signature uniform or simply the way you carry yourself as you carry through the years. It has great Impact on the way your promotions come through . Our aim is to ensure that the Impressions that you create and the aura you carry in your business life, Enhance and Optimize your Unique Image and Professionalism. We know that when people will notice on your new look , compliment you ,your self esteem and confidence will soar to new heights.
We offer a full range of services for both men and women, teenagers, individuals and corporations. Looking fabulous is not limited to your size, shape, age, status or budget. Various Workshops are offered in:


  • Body language and Your Gestures
  • Importance of Interpersonal Communication skills
  • Key to Assertiveness Skills
  • Powerful Motivator are your English language conversation skills
  • Effective Business Networking skills
  • Negotiation Skills to match the 21st Century
  • Relationship Management amongst Employees


  • Corporate Branding and Dress Designing
  • Color Theme for Companies
  • Corporate enhancement of Image (logo, website)
  • Dress policy and what to wear
  • Yearly training seminars and workshops
  • Etiquette for business, meetings and entertainment
  • Outdoor Breaks for Company Employees


International Business Etiquette

  • Introductions and Exchanging Business Cards
  • Handshakes – make a powerful first impression
  • Eye Contact- send powerful positive signals
  • Body Language and Gestures – discover country specific greetings
  • Professional Business Dress and Decorum - Suited for Success

International Protocols

  • Forms of Address - Hierarchy
  • Gender Dynamics - Door, Elevator, Workplace & Social
  • Networking and Mingling - Tips & Tricks to attract social friendship and develop business relations
  • Pr emeeting strategy and Preparation – Culture Demographics
  • Gifting - Acceptable & Unacceptable gifts,
  • Protocols & Status
  • Receiving & Reciprocating

Fine Dining Etiquette

  • Formal Dinners –Sit down classical menu
  • Handling different kinds of Food – Indian, Continental and Oriental
  • Crockery and Cutlery – Cover setup and usage
  • Napkin Etiquette and its uses
  • Dining Etiquette – Do's and don'ts
  • Art of Small Talk – Striking Conversations, Taboo Topics, Pitch and tone of voice.


  • Techno Etiquette (Speaker Phones, Voice Mail, Hand Phone)
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Barriers to Effective Communications.
  • Importance of Listening Skills

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