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Certified Etiquette Consultant

Certification through Impact Image Consultants gives immediate credibility. This training qualifies you to scale an edge in the marketplace. In addition, all trainee consultants become lifetime members of Impact Image Consultants without a fee. One-to-one mentoring with Sangeeta S Bahl is available for as long as the consultant wants it, without a fee.

Individuals who apply for training generally have the desire to have their own consulting business whether it be to teach children, adults or both. Etiquette consulting is fun and profitable. It is a great opportunity for a stay at home parent, retired individual , an entrepreneur, or someone looking for a fulfilling career change.

Corporates and professional organizations send staff to Impact Image Consultants because it leads to bottom-line profitability. We also train the In house etiquette consultant who can enhance sales training and orientation programs for new hires, bring the seasoned executive up to date on the changing nuances of business etiquette, as well as circumvent the flaws that could be fatal to a key player.

Universities and colleges are finding it cost effective to have a career services professional or faculty member trained and certified to give presentations, dining tutorials and the opportunity to work with students to give them the competitive edge.


International Business Etiquette

  • Introductions and Exchanging Business Cards
  • Handshakes – make a powerful first impression
  • Eye Contact- send powerful positive signals
  • Body Language and Gestures – discover country specific greetings
  • Professional Business Dress and Decorum - Suited for Success

International Protocols

  • Forms of Address - Hierarchy
  • Gender Dynamics - Door, Elevator, Workplace & Social
  • Networking and Mingling - Tips & Tricks to attract social friendship and develop business relations
  • Pr emeeting strategy and Preparation – Culture Demographics
  • Gifting - Acceptable & Unacceptable gifts,
  • Protocols & Status
  • Receiving & Reciprocating

Fine Dining Etiquette

  • Formal Dinners –Sit down classical menu
  • Handling different kinds of Food – Indian, Continental and Oriental
  • Crockery and Cutlery – Cover setup and usage
  • Napkin Etiquette and its uses
  • Dining Etiquette – Do's and don'ts
  • Art of Small Talk – Striking Conversations, Taboo Topics, Pitch and tone of voice.


  • Techno Etiquette (Speaker Phones, Voice Mail, Hand Phone)
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Barriers to Effective Communications.
  • Importance of Listening Skills

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