Sangeeta S Bahl

( Pioneer Image Guru in India )

+91-9810467788, +91-9910471491


Color analysis, Body analysis, Wardrobe management


Etiquette, Posture, Poise & Charm, Body language


Public Speaking, Reading, Grammar, Voice, Pronunciation

Certified Color Consultant

6 Days Training Course
  • Basic color theory
  • Universal color system
  • Advanced color system
  • Pyschology of color
  • Contrasting color and matching
  • Color personality
  • Hair and skin colors
  • Decoding colors for business
  • Color analysis for clients
  • 14 point universal color system
  • Color draping of student
  • Color draping of clients
  • Make up application matching color sytem

Color Analysis

Training includes these Tools

  • Color wheel
  • 16 drapes
  • Comprehensive manual for color system
  • Swatches for color system

Optional Buys

  • Make up brushes
  • Scarves for your skin tones
  • Make up from various brands

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