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Aim High

Aim High
Hello all

I started climbing 5 years back only at 46 years and stood atop Mount Kilimanjaro 19341feet the highest peak in Africa. on 31st dec 2011. Little did I Know that climb after climb , the day will come when I will focus only on climbing Everest. in 2017 I will be 52 when I shall attempt next year.

The excitement, anxiety and mixture of feelings is something I go through all day. I am preparing and training so hard that at times I wonder
 " Am I normal"? No, Of course not, mountaineers are not normal but crazy to continue following their dreams. But isnt that how it is supposed to be??

In 2013, I did a 25 day trip to trek to Everest base camp and climb Island peak. The journey took my breath away and my first view of Everest from a nearby kala pathar kept me longing when I would return to climb the actual mountain from base camp.

Day after day i went through a beautiful story unfolding in the lush greenery, bridges that you would have your adrenalin flowing like a gushing river and blessings from lama geshe to actually sitting sit on stones and admiring the natural beauty around.

Aim high so you can reach the sky. You can !

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